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International Money Transfers

AHR FX service is a partnership between ourselves and a number of Financial Conduct Authority approved payment services providers. All client funds are ringfenced from company funds to ensure maximum consumer protection.

If you’re exchanging currencies directly with your bank you’re shooting yourself in the foot as they typically charge a fee between 3%-7% of the transfer.

Our FX service allows you to make same-day transfers, whilst saving you up to 6% in transaction costs.

Click here to create your account

Let’s get started

1 Create your account

Provide us with proof of address & ID and we will create your AHR FX account.

2 Select Your Currencies

Choose which currencies you wish to make a transfer between, and we will inform you of the current rate for a transfer. Once you are happy with the rate, we will lock in the transfer for you to negate any risk of short-term fluctuations.

3 Make the Transfer

You will be provided with a receipt of transfer and will often receive funds on the same day, in your selected currency.

Bespoke Foreign Exchange Services

Bespoke Foreign Exchange Services

  • Pre-agreed margins depending on the size and frequency of your foreign exchange transfers
  • Set limit orders with expiry dates any time up to 12 months in the future
  • Factual market information, key political events and key market data release dates
  • Specialist foreign exchange solutions for your more complex needs
  • Corporate foreign exchange solutions

Get in touch if you require our Bespoke Foreign Exchange Services

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